Head of Cyber Security

Head of Cyber Security

ACT Commodities is the global leader in connecting buyers and sellers of certificates and physical products all over the world.

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Who we are:

At ACT Commodities we trade environmental products and help our clients reach their environmental and sustainability objectives through trading products such as carbon offsets, environmental certificates and many others. We help our clients maximize their profits whilst reducing risk by utilizing our knowledge and network. We are a young-minded company with 170+ ambitious people from all over the world, all working in an open environment where no day is ever the same.


What you’ll do:

The Head of Cyber Security is an executive role that oversees the protection of company and customer data, as well as the protection of infrastructure and assets from malicious actors. In this role, you are responsible for defining the information security policy, based on a risk management approach and taking into account the information security threat assessment, trends and organizational needs.

You will set up the information security organization, determine the resources required for this and deploy them on concrete security measures. You will also initiate, coordinate and supervise the implementation of information security for the entire organization. Thus, ensuring an appropriate level of information security and information security behaviour in the organization, based on the needs and risk appetite of ACT Commodities. As the Head of Cyber security, you will collaborate with internal and external stakeholders and you are considered the expert in information security.


Your Responsibilities :

  • Drafting, adjusting, renewing and revising the information security policy and the resulting plans
  • Setting up the information security organization
  • Alignment of information security with other security domains
  • Ensuring compliance with information security requirements
  • Promote information security awareness across the organization
  • Advising and guiding information risk analyses
  • Conducting information security assessments
  • Ensures that the organization is sufficiently prepared for future information security risks and IT security risks
  • Coordinating and advising on handling security incidents


Your Core Tasks: 

  • Defines the information security policy for the organization
  • Organizes information security and the required expertise within the organization
  • Ensures alignment between information security with other security domains, including privacy protection, physical security and continuity management
  • Initiates and coordinates organization-wide information security activities and -projects
  • Provides organization-wide guidelines, standards, methods and techniques information security
  • Contributes to the Service Level Agreements
  • Contributes to the risk management policy, monitoring the relevant risks for the organization
  • Monitors and ensures the quality of information risk analyses, security designs and solutions
  • Monitors and safeguards information security awareness within the organization
  • Set up an information security emergency organization
  • Coordinates response to serious information security or ICT incidents
  • Monitors to which extent the organization is compliant with the information security policy, legislation and regulations based on assessments, tests, reviews and audits is compliant with the information security policy and legislation and regulations
  • Monitors and safeguards the quality of information security assessments
  • Informs board and management about the status of information security and incidents and presents proposals for improvement


Your Skills: 

  • Being able to explain technical issues to a non-technical audience
  • Communication and presentation skills on both C-level and lower management
  • Policy development and administration skills
  • Knowledge about government (e.g. relevant legislation both current and incoming)
  • Collaboration expertise
  • Financial, planning and strategic management skills
  • Supervisory and incident management skills


What we offer:

  • Competitive remuneration and bonus scheme;
  • Exciting quarterly target incentives;
  • Kickboxing and football;
  • In-house Life Coach.