Quantitative Analyst

Job Description

Dedicated quantitative analysts working side by side with our energy traders
At DC, we employ quantitative analysts in various teams and they bring great value in a variety of ways. As a quantitative analyst in one of our trading analysis teams, you will develop trading strategies by gathering and structuring vast amounts of data and turning it into a solid foundation for decision-making. You will develop quantitative models to forecast energy prices, describe market dynamics and price complex products across the global energy markets.

We also employ quantitative analysts in our automation teams, which support our trading teams in developing, implementing and monitoring algorithmic strategies. Here, the teams are driven by the common goal of making better and faster trading decisions, always pushing the strategies and analyses into new territory.

It is also possible to join our Risk Management unit as a quantitative analyst. Here, you will work with developing our risk measure models and calculating figures critical to the organisation, such as realised and unrealised PnL for all business activities as well as associated risk measures.

No matter which team you join, you will work closely with the business, linking trading decisions with quantitative modelling and data.