Student Employee for our power trading operations team

Job Description

Put your skills to the test in a young and dynamic team close to our traders

Our Power Trading Operations (PTO) team supports the trading teams with daily tasks such as deal capturing, requesting capacities, uploading bids and scheduling of electricity flows to ensure balance in the grids of all the countries where DC operates. Besides this, the team has a great focus on process optimisation, and we always look for areas where we – and the traders – can become even more efficient.

As a student employee in PTO, you will be part of a team working closely together with power traders, portfolio managers and trading analysts as well as your colleagues in the team. Working right on the trading floor, you will also be the link between trading and the rest of the organisation. In the team, we have a lot of deadlines to meet, and with that comes a great amount of responsibility and respect for the work that needs to be done. You will join a young team, in which many of your colleagues are student employees. We are very passionate about our job and always willing to walk the extra mile to help each other.

Dive head first into the control room

Starting out, you will get an introduction to the team and from day one you will enter the control and help the traders perform their daily tasks. During the first six months, your focus will be on the daily routines in PTO and learning how to navigate your new role. On the longer run, you will have the opportunity to impact the everyday work in PTO and the way we support the trading teams. In addition, we support, develop and maintain a lot of business tools developed in VBA, SQL and Python and you will thus be able to develop your skills within these programming languages.

The right candidate for this position thrives in a dynamic environment and considers flexibility and process optimisation a natural part of the job. We expect that you can work approx. 20 hours per week.