Research Infrastructure Engineer

Job Description

About the Position

Research Infrastructure Engineer is a position within our Core Services group. The Core Services group has a broad responsibility for the technological foundation on which much of the firm's systems run. This is a specialist role within our group with primary focus on the internal systems (hardware and software) that quantitative researchers at Jane Street use to conduct studies and build models.

A successful Research Infrastructure Engineer will act as a liaison between our Core Services and Research groups, spearheading day-to-day operational responsibility for our research computing cluster, as well as the various support systems that make it tick. You will work closely with quantitative researchers at Jane Street to understand the challenges they face and work with systems engineers in the Core Services group to propose and execute solutions.

About You

To be effective, you will need to understand and reason about all levels of the stack, from top - the job scheduler, libraries and packages in use, data sources, and software written by researchers - to bottom - the physical hardware, storage, and networking.

As a part of the team driving the Linux platform more generally at Jane Street, you will work closely with other members of Core Services and may sometimes be asked to apply your skills and experience in other areas of the estate.