Storage Engineer

Job Description

About the Position

Networked storage infrastructure is a critical service backing many production systems and workflows at Jane Street. A highly technical Storage Engineer will help out with the day-to-day work of administering the storage infrastructure in our production environment (which might involve everything from debugging bugs in the Linux kernel’s NFS client, to projecting future capacity requirements). Someone in this role would also be charged with making sure our storage environment advances with the developing needs of our users.

A candidate for this role should have strong foundations in common storage technologies and protocols, but need not have knowledge of any particular platform. The ideal candidate would be as comfortable working with a “black box” vendor NAS as they are standing up a Ceph cluster for a proof of concept or writing a benchmark suite for ZFS. Some programming ability would be helpful since we love to automate our work, and you should be at ease diving into the source code of some misbehaving application to figure out why it’s tickling a performance bug on our production storage cluster.

About You

  • Strong background in storage fundamentals, probably formed from experience working with a number of different vendor and open-source storage platforms.
  • Clear and concise communication skills, as well as the ability to efficiently analyze and deconstruct technical problems (also, you should enjoy digging into hard problems).
  • Solid practical understanding of a modern Linux system, as well as a grounding in common network technologies.
  • Some background in modern systems architecture also a plus.
  • Nimble at a Unix command-line, including working familiarity with a scripting language like Bash or Perl.