Exotics Trader

Job Description

About the Position

Traders work in teams to seek out and trade on pricing inefficiencies, develop models, manage risk, investigate new products, and push into new business areas. These jobs are highly quantitative and technology driven. You should be excellent quantitatively, with a strong understanding of probability and statistics. You should be an effective communicator in a close knit team setting, motivated, competitive and eager to learn. We are interested in hiring responsible, motivated, adaptive, and logical thinkers with strong quantitative skills. 

In this role you can expect to:

  • Price and trade exotic derivatives with banks
  • Export the risk of exotic positions to our desk level and firm wide risk management systems
  • Maintain appropriate vanilla otc hedges with our bank counter parties in order to reduce margin and counter party risk
  • PNL our exotic trades, breaking it down into vanilla risk (deltas, gammas, vegas) and exotic risk (correlations, quanto, cross-greeks)
  • Work with research to develop internal models for generating paths and valuing exotics
  • Study aggregate exotic dealer market exposures
  • Propose listed vanilla trades (or exotic trades) based off of changes in banks exotic exposure
  • Identify what levels liquid exotics are trading in the OTC market, and maintain exotic parameters (corrs, forwards, vol surface perturbations) to value them

About You

  • 3-8 years in an index/equity option exotics role.
  • Quantitative background.
  • Programming experience a plus.