Facilities Engineer

Job Description

About the Position

We are seeking a professionally trained facilities engineer with practical problem solving skills across multiple disciplines to join the ranks and round out a highly technical group that is responsible for providing the physical infrastructure for the firm’s trading and data center environments. 
Our goal is to successfully manage, design and provide highly reliable trading floors, co-location facilities, and data centers for our business. 
The specific industry an individual has worked in is less important than a proven commitment to excellence, a strong team player, prior facilities experience and an ability to demonstrate well-reasoned engineering decisions. 
Work will be collaborative in nature, with specific responsibilities spanning all aspects of our physical infrastructure, including: troubleshooting, fixing, and triage of issues as they arise. 

About You

  • A minimum of 1-3 years of experience working in a facilities engineering capacity (specifically with systems such as: power, cooling, lighting, and furniture.)
  • Familiarity with MEP disciplines including plant infrastructure, CRACsUPS's, office HVAC, generators, fire prevention and Building Management Systems would be an added bonus.
  • Experience working with or managing vendors, contractors, and suppliers in order to provide 24/7 support for critical infrastructure.
  • Strong computer skills and familiarity working with technical people in a tech-y environment.
  • Willingness and ability to solve small problems in the field. Candidates should be handy enough to not always need a tradesman.
  • Be part of an on-call rotation for weekends and nights and quickly respond to critical system emergencies.
  • Experience working with professionally diverse teams, and interfacing with non-engineers and multiple business units.
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills, and the ability to describe detailed problems with brevity and accuracy.