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Frontier Trader
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Job Description

Virtu is a leading financial firm that leverages cutting edge technology to deliver liquidity to the global markets and innovative, transparent trading solutions to our clients. As a market maker, Virtu provides deep liquidity that helps to create more efficient markets around the world. Our market structure expertise, broad diversification, and execution technology enables us to provide competitive bids and offers in over 19,000 securities, at over 235 venues, in 36 countries worldwide 

The firm’s complementary core offerings—market making, client execution services, and trading venues—give Virtu a competitive advantage in developing and applying innovative tools that deliver efficiencies and performance across the organization. 

Investors around the world receive better returns because of the work we do every day. From traders to technologists and everyone in between, VIRTUians are passionate about innovating, solving problems and making an impact on the bottom line. Our teams set the bar high and strive to consistently provide best-in-class service to institutional investors around the world.

Virtu Execution Services is looking to add to the Frontier Algo Execution team as we are entering a new phase in the transition to Virtu technology.



  • Be a multi-faceted algo strategist who can both develop algos and speak with clients as we rollout the new Virtu algo suite, Frontier
  • Innovate by researching, designing and implementing new logic to improve our execution algorithms
  • Become an expert in market structure both at the macro and micro level
  • Engage directly with clients, from the initial sales pitch though to performance reviews and ongoing education on our algos as they evolve


  • Excellent academic background. All majors welcome but hard sciences preferred (computer science, maths, physics and related fields).
  • Outstanding technical problemā€solving, programming experience is required (Python and SQL are a plus). 
  • The ability to communicate information precisely and with agility, you will be speaking with clients frequently
  • A physicalizer; a person who identifies issues and creates solutions without rigid direction or fanfare
  • Highly motivated and tenacious individual, with a proven ability to take initiative and work independently and within a team
  • Team player: authentic, genuine person who is capable of working collective goals.
  • No finance background is necessary



  • To work for a technology company with an alternate culture to the bulge brackets
  • The opportunity to have ideas and get the backing to take them forward
  • A role that does not silo you into a box but rather expects individuals to think both broadly and in detail 
  • Teams that are passionate about continually learning, improving and raising the bar
  • A community that values hard work as well as work-life balance
  • A company that is committed to giving back to surrounding communities, from LA to Hong Kong and Sydney and the 11 locations in between